A Message from the founder

I was a dreamer.  30 years ago, I set out to build something no one had seen or heard of before — a brand that was unique not just in design, but in its intention.

I wanted to embrace the emerging concepts of innovation and supply chain, but believed we could positively shake up the industry. We would break rules, focus on the unexpected and deliver products faster than ever before. My goal was to invent a process that would result in products that excited and inspired retailers and consumers alike. Equally as important was my passionate yearning to make a difference in the world. I wanted to help lift up the disadvantaged, give a voice to those who needed help, embolden the thought leaders, and so much more.

My vision became a reality and our pillars emerged. We would ensure that the home category became a key destination at retail. We would begin to forge a path for more advanced and responsible manufacturing processes. We would drive the innovation that would lead retailers to be eager for what was next. We would cater to the consumer's focus on value. And, finally, we would find ways to infuse philanthropic efforts into our work.

I built an organization of devoted, inspired and talented employees who believe in the mission and the vision; in a company that never loses sight of its purpose in the marketplace and in society as a whole. I have surrounded myself with people who come to work every day with the commitment to being great at what we do individually and collectively, even when we may fall short of our hopes.  We have thrived over three decades and continue to challenge ourselves to be the best we can be.

We love that our business centers around the home, the place where you nurture your dreams, grow in endless ways, design your space to reflect your personal style, and host family and friends.  Our consumers look to RGI Home to personalize and organize their homes, and many of them rely on us to continually deliver fresh designs every season.  We are truly inspired by their support of our company.

I have never been a believer that profits and losses should be our driving force. I honor the pursuit of varied goals and I am so proud of our accomplishments outside of the workplace.  We have been able to provide jobs to many in underdeveloped countries, help provide support for the homeless, fight for women’s rights, advocate for social change, and provide vital care to children. There is no shortage of need, just a shortage of inspired ways to deal with them.  I believe in lighting the path to help.  And with all of our efforts, that light need not be dimmed.

I am deeply appreciative of all of whom support RGI Home and I greatly look forward to continuing this journey with you.

Founder's Message