Pinterest, the online pinboard enabling members to discover and curate visual ideas, showed an impressive 75% increase in home-centric pins this year and that those who use the site spend 27% more on décor than people who don’t. As innovators and forecasters, we keep our finger on the pulse of what consumers will gravitate towards, so we never need to rely on industry trend reports to drive our design. But, what we love about Pinterest projections is that they are entirely consumer-driven. We work to amplify individualism of design, and consumers taking control of their vision is just what we want to see. Our whole team expects that 2018 will be strong across the board in the home industry. Here’s what some of our key players had to say…


MAKI  Director, Creative

On the 423% increase in pins for “mixed metallic”:

This has been a leading theme for us already. We love mixed mediums as our fashion driver, whether it’s metals, woods, fibers or textiles. It makes a specific product or an entire room look more artistic, multi-dimensional and architectural, which lends more depth and value to its appearance no matter what the price-point is. When you look at homes of top interior designers and style leaders, which often happens through the social media lens, you will typically see a mix of elements. That’s because they decorate through personal expression using meaningful pieces, many of which were accumulated over time. They aren’t afraid to pair a gold coffee table with silver sconces or use copper accents in a stainless-steel kitchen. Using a mix of elements can make an interior look more organic, curated, and creative. Consumers are gravitating towards that more and more. You will see this concept of collaging and mixing and matching strewn throughout many of our 2018 collections.


SARAH  |  Executive Assistant, Creative

On the 310% increase “statement ceilings” pins:

This is a look that I have embraced because it aligns with some of my favorite decorating approaches: thinking out-of-the-box and utilizing attention-grabbing elements. Interior design is like fashion in that you can play it safe or make bold statements, and reinvent a look when you’re ready. With ceilings as the dramatic feature of a room – via the use of bold paint, wall-paper or texture – you’re left with more opportunities to personalize the space below. This also coincides with the movement away from stark walls. With the paint or wallpaper on the ceiling, the walls beckon for wall art. I love that a statement ceiling can be taken in so many directions a ceiling painted bright green can set the stage for a chic Palm-beach inspired dining room, while one covered in geometrical printed wallpaper can create a sleek, ultra-modern entryway. Our streamlined accent furniture, bins in muted tones, and airy wire baskets are great complements to a statement ceiling.


BETH  Senior Account Manager

On the 269% increase in pins for “spa bathrooms”:

The concept of spa bathrooms isn’t new but it will be stronger than ever this year. People were initially inspired by the resorts and hotels featuring designer “zen” bathrooms. Now, the spa bathroom has become less aspirational, and more necessary. People as a whole are busier and the home has become a true haven; one that’s beautiful, functional and comfortable. Also, practices of relaxation like yoga and meditation are at an all-time high and the spa bathroom has become an extension of that mindset. The layout of a home is also driving this trend. Home design has centered around open floor plans for years.  For parents, that means almost the whole house is living space – children’s footprints can be literally and figuratively everywhere. That has led many to claim the master bath for their respite. The great thing about this design concept, is that it can so easily, and affordably, be pulled off. Using our baskets to house super plush towels, our decorative trays to display aromatherapy supplies and our tall containers to hold bamboo sticks can quickly transform a bathroom from basic to serene.

We’re excited to see what both trend-followers and visionaries do with our products this year. Share your design moments @rgihome with #myRGI. 


Next month, we’ll be sharing what tastemakers across the country are up to at home. Stay tuned… 

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